About Gritstone Publishing Coop

Britain has a new publishing company, Gritstone Publishing, the first to be established as an author-run co-operative.

Gritstone specialises in publishing non-fiction and fiction titles relating to the landscape and the countryside. Its four founder members are all experienced outdoor writers and journalists who have decided that, by establishing Gritstone as a fully mutual co-operative, they will be able to exercise more control over the way that their work is published.

The latest book Gritstone has published is Andrew Bibby’s Back Roads of Middle England.

Andrew Bibby sets out to cycle from the English Channel to the Humber, following the great stone belt of ‘cotswold’ limestone which has left its mark so powerfully on the countryside.

This is a journey of discovery into a very special landscape, and the author draws on themes as varied as social history, literature, land usage, agriculture and rural life today to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that shape the land.

The book celebrates the beauty of this area of England, but goes beyond the superficial to reveal a Middle England which is considerably more complex than many might imagine.

Previous books published by Gritstone / authored by Gritstone members can be found in our Books page.

The most recent include Colin Speakman’s Yorkshire Wolds and Poets’ Walk books and Chiz Dakin’s Cycling in the Peak District.