Adan Sedgwick, Geologist and Dalesman Front Cover imageTitle: Adam Sedgwick: Geologist and Dalesman

Price: £12. Postage is free of charge.

Author: Colin Speakman

Details: Paperback book, ISBN: 978-0-9955609-4-9

Published: 2018 Gritstone Publishing Co-operative

Just released! Out of print and much sought after for over 30 years, Colin Speakman’s classic biography Adam Sedgwick Geologist and Dalesman has been re-issued in a limited edition, with a new introduction and some new illustrations, jointly by Gritstone and the Yorkshire Geological Society.

This handsome book will appeal to lovers of the Yorkshire Dales and history of science alike. It tells the graphic story of how a boy from humble origins in remote Dentdale could become one of the world’s greatest field geologists, inspiring teacher and eventual controversial opponent of Charles Darwin, friend of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, yet passionate champion of the Yorkshire Dales.   

Now available in a handsome new softback edition – special signed copies, direct from Gritstone, post free for just £12.