Southern Xposure

Southern Xposure by Chiz Dakin
Southern Xposure by Chiz Dakin

Title: Southern Xposure: A photographic journey half way around the Antarctic

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Author: Chiz Dakin

Details: Apple eBook (iPad format), 40 pages.

Published: Oct 2011, Blurb

This is a photographic account of a journey into the Antarctic Ocean, circumnavigating the west and south coasts of the Antarctic continent on the famous icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov by award-winning photographer Chiz Dakin.

From green water hitting the bar windows (5th floor above the deck and 30m back from the bow!) in the Drake Passage to the Phantom Coast, one of the loneliest islands in the world (Peter 1) to very cute Emperor and Adelie penguins – with several photos of Emperor chicks. Historic huts and sub-Antarctic islands come in the final stages of a once-in-a-lifetime (and currently unrepeatable) adventure which Chiz still counts herself as incredibly fortunate to have had the priviledge of taking.

(Currently unrepeatable? There have been no icebreakers operating for tourist purposes in the Antarctic since 2012, only varying degrees of ice-strengthened vessels – which are much more limited in the conditions they can safely traverse).

A print version is also available via the link to the e-book, however, please note this is produced on an individual print run hence the retail price of £19.95