Paypal has changed its terms…

It seems Paypal has changed the way it works – and not for the better for some of our customers.

Previously you didn’t have to have a Paypal account to be able to use the Paypal system to pay by credit card.

Now it seems they only give you 10 credit card transactions before requiring you to register for an account with them.

We’ve had a few enquiries from customers who do not wish to have a Paypal account as what alternative means of payment we can offer.

It’s difficult as there is no alternative as cost effective for a small coop like ours.

However, just a quick reminder that we can still accept cheques posted with an order to our head office address. (It will obviously take much longer to fulfil the order though as we need to wait for the cheque to be collected (which isn’t every day) banked and cleared before sending any items). But it’s a stopgap while we consider if there are any viable alternatives.