Privacy Policy

When you browse our website, we collect data (including your IP address) to help us understand how folks use the website and so help us improve its design and content. We use cookies as part of this; you may block them if you wish (see for information on how to do this), but like nearly every other site out there, we cannot guarantee that all aspects of our site work without them!

We collect and reserve the right to use your IP address to comply with law enforcement in the event of suspicious activity originating from it (ie that which is damaging or has reasonably obvious potential to damage our web presence); otherwise as far as we are concerned it is as good as anonymous as we have no way of working out who it belongs to ourselves.

When you place an order we collect your name, address and email so we can fulfil your order. We keep this data as long as is reasonably required but we do not have access to your credit card or bank information (as that is handled by Paypal – please refer to their privacy policy for information on what they do with this).

We may also send you information about Gritstone members’ products as we believe these are of relevant interest given your previous purchase from us. However, you may opt out of all such mailings with the unsubscribe link (this is included on every mailing). We are a mutual co-operative which means that only our members may market and sell their work through us and we do not knowingly pass on your details to any other third parties – we hate spam too!

You may opt in to our mailing list by entering your email in the “keep me informed” page (this will be created soon, please check back here for the link)– again an unsubscribe option is available on every email we send from this.

v1.0 (Date: 05-02-2018)